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The theme for gnome in FC2 is going nuts.

I run a fully up2date'ed FC2.  Some days ago the theme in gnome went
nuts. The icons on the panel are the default once, the icons for the
desktop are not showing at all. All i get is blank papers- kind of
I read in the archive about some one ho had similar problems, and she/he
turned of vnc-server(?) for it to work normaly. I do not have vnc
running, so i cant do that.
The problem is the same for all users, even newly created account - so
deleting ~/.gnome* will not help.

When i run gnome-theme-manager from the console i get the following
error (translated by me into english)
"The scheme for default theme could not be found. This probaby means
that Metacity is not installed or that gconf is corrupted."

Since I do have metacity and have  done nothing with gconf, I cant say
what the problem is.

Any idé on what to do?
/Kent Nyberg

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