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Re: TwinMOS Mobile disk IV & FC2

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James Wilkinson wrote:
| Manufacturer differences. Some put a partition table on their USB disks,
| as though they are hard disks, and you get sda1. Others don't, as though
| the disks are floppies or CDs, and you get sda.
| Persons with sufficient spare time may experiment with partitioning CDs
| and not partitioning hard disks. The end results should work in Unix-
| based systems, but the rest of the world will probably get horribly
| confused.

I have done this with Iomega Zip disks. Under Windows-DOS-OS/2, the zip
disk is expected to have a partition table with one partition numbered 4
formatted as FAT. Under Linux this works out to hdX4 . I have been able
to delete the partition table and create file systems directly on the
raw disk and mount it using hdX . Windows chokes on a disk like this.
Apple formatted zip disk use yet another scheme.

I assume that the USB flash disk might be accessible and modifiable in
this way, although the partition scheme might be implemented in the
device's firmware. Trying to change these settings might render the
device unusable.

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