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Re: BitTorrent RPM for FC2?

Søren Neigaard escribió:
I have searched rpmfind and google for a BitTorrent RPM for Fedora Core
2, but I cant find any, I only find LOADS of Mandrake RPM's.

Where should I find this? Or do you guys use some special BitTorrent
client on FC2?

One of the bets ways of looking for FC packages is to use Fedoratracker:
You can search by package name and/or by repository. It can also give you the information to add the specific repositories to yum or apt.

BitTorrent is already in fedora-extras:

(that URL is loooooong... but if the first thing you get in fedoratracker if you search for "torrent" and Fedora Core 2.



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