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Re: Mplayer

Am Mo, den 04.10.2004 schrieb Rick Stevens um 22:22:

> Either install each individually or with a wildcard and use "--force"
> or "--nodeps":
> 	rpm -ivh --force mplayer*
> 	rpm -ivh --nodeps mplayer*

Outsch! Though these parameters "might" be ok to use in this special
case, it is _never_ a good idea to suggest them. There are too much
cases where these are the best way to blow up the system.

> or simply specify both RPMs on the rpm command line:
> 	rpm -ivh mplayer* mplayer-common*

Better very rarely use "-i" but "-U" to prevent parallel installs. Using
the update parameter is best in most every case. Just installing another
kernel the "-i" switch is better.

> Either will work.

... and the risks are known to those who already fall down the stairs.

> - Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer     rstevens vitalstream com -


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