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Re: text vs html posts on this list...

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 09:47:22AM -0500, Carlos Davila wrote:
> My last hard drive 
> cost about US$0.60 per gigabyte...so I'm not sure the "large" size of 
> html emails is a legitimate argument. The other argument was that folks 
> with dialup connections will have lengthy downloads...it's not clear 
> just how much longer it takes a typical html post to download on a 56k 
> connection than on a broadband connection, probably not much longer.

With all due respect, I find these two arguments quite short-sighted.
This is an *international* list. The fact that hard drives and internet
connections are cheap where *you* live does not mean that this is the
case for everybody on this list. For example, many people in Europe still
have metered dial-ups, which means they are paying for every minute they
are online, so additional size (be it HTML or uncropped quotes) will cost
them money, especially on a high-traffic list like this one.
Besides that, even if both resources are "relatively" cheap - why should
anybody be forced to spend money if he is content with what he had so
far, at least if it can be as easily avoided as in this case?


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