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migrating from wu-imap to dovecot how-to?


some time ago I've been looking for a simple, clear step-by-step how to migrate my existing mailserver (old RH9, now Fedora 1) from wu-imap to dovecot.

I've been using the default settings from the basic installation and I'm not very familier with all the different mailbox-types (mbox,...).

Today I've been googling around and found a lot off different pieces for a migration how to, some people copy all mailfolders from /userdir/ to /userdir/MAIL/, and had to rename the .mailboxlist-file etc.

My - simple :-) - question is: Isn't there one how to? Or may be somewone can tell me the steps to migrate my system. We have about 500 accounts, about 20GB of mail.

E.g. what would happen, if I do a simple rpm -ivh of the dovecot.rpm?

Can I use wu-imap and dovecot at the same time? (may be if I configure different ports etc...) but this is nothing I realy take into consideration ;-)


Götz Reinicke
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