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Drive upgrade questions


I would like some advice please, I have just updated my Mobo to an Abit 
NF7-S 2.0 which is working extremely well with Fedora and my next planned 
upgrade are the Hard Drives.
At the moment the machine has 2 Hard drives, ATA133 (40G) and an old 
ATA33 (5G) for backup. 
This Mobo has on board SATA150, So my question(s) are:

Is it worth it (or at all possible) to install a SATA drive and keep my 
existing 40Gig drive (for backup) and maybe ditch the 5Gig drive.

And if so what would be the best way to copy over my working Fedora install 
to the new SATA drive and have that as the main boot/system drive. The MBR 
comes to mind as well...

I have searched the archives but did not find anything with the sort of 
situation as this, any tips/links would be most welcome.. 
I have seen things like RAID mentioned but do know anything about that, I 
just need to keep it simple.

Or should I just install another larger ATA133 drive and copy over my Fedora 
to that using something like Partimage? and boot from the new drive, is it 
this simple, FYI this is an Linux only machine,

What would you people do, this is a Desktop Box but does get used for a lot 
of compiling/testing..


Fedora Core 2, Custom Built Kernel
Registered Linux user number 342953

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