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Re: Put FC2 in a single CD

Edwin Valencia wrote:
I am trying to put FC2 in a single CD.  I mean, when I install a pc with
the same packages all the time, and these packages can fit in a single

I proved in graphic mode installation, and I get the problem : the pc
restarts in the middle of installation.
The pc is a hp-evectra, when I make the installation normally with the
four cds, the installation ends
succesfully. But when I use the one single CD installation, the problem
occurs. I proved also in an PC Athlon.
Both of the pcs have 128 Mb RAM. The single cd installation is not bad,
it seem to be ok.  The PC's doesn't
restart at the same time. The Athlon PC restarts long time after that PC

Does anybody know how to create One single installation cd with FC2?

Information about building custom distributions can be found at the Anaconda Wiki: http://rau.homedns.org/twiki/bin/view/Anaconda/AnacondaDocumentationProject


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