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Re: FC2 on Compaq nx9110

> There's no choice for the Mobility 9000 IGP, at least not specifically.
> No matter what I choose in "Display settings" after a reboot it always
> ends up back at "VESA driver (generic)". Anyone had success with getting
> better video support working?

Mobility IGP 340M on a presario2500 here. I have the same problem but
since I don't use the laptop for heavy gaming and such haven't
bothered to much about it. This might be helpful:


> The sound is also a problem. After installation I played the test sound
> and it played, but was extremely choppy. Now once I login, I don't get
> any sound at all. If I go to Soundcard Detection I see the configuration
> for the card, but hitting "Play test sound" yields no sound and
> immediately asks me if I heard the test sound.

do an 'lspci' and see what your sound card is. Mine is ALi M5451 PCI.
It worked well under OSS and now it works even better under ALSA and
the FC2 kernel since it has direct support for it! So first find out
what your card is.

Have you done an upgrade or is this the first linux installation? If
the former make sure you clean up your /etc/modprobe.conf from OSS

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