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Re: Drive upgrade questions

On Tuesday 05 Oct 2004 13:15, ne... wrote:
> On Oct 5, 2004 at 12:36, Colin J Thomson in a soothing rage wrote:
> >I would like some advice please, I have just updated my Mobo to an Abit
> >NF7-S 2.0 which is working extremely well with Fedora and my next
> > planned upgrade are the Hard Drives.
> >At the moment the machine has 2 Hard drives, ATA133 (40G) and an old
> >ATA33 (5G) for backup.
> >This Mobo has on board SATA150, So my question(s) are:
> >
> >Is it worth it (or at all possible) to install a SATA drive and keep my
> >existing 40Gig drive (for backup) and maybe ditch the 5Gig drive.
> Yep, but more a question of when and how much money you have
> burning a hole in your pocket. As you use FC, I guess you will
> be upgrading to FC3. If you are, I would hold of on the purchase
> for a little while. When FC3 drops, get the drive and do a fresh
> install. Then move stuff over from the old install.

That is a very good point, but I do not have any plans to move to FC3 
perhaps FC4. This Box is very cutomised and it would be a lot of work and 
time to upgrade and move stuff over etc.


Fedora Core 2, Custom Built Kernel
Registered Linux user number 342953

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