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Re: migrating from wu-imap to dovecot how-to?

Am Di, den 05.10.2004 schrieb Götz Reinicke um 11:49:

> Today I've been googling around and found a lot off different pieces for 
> a migration how to, some people copy all mailfolders from /userdir/ to 
> /userdir/MAIL/, and had to rename the .mailboxlist-file etc.

This is so that dovecot not only treats the files under
/var/spool/imap/$USER as user's mail but too mboxes in his home

> My - simple :-) - question is: Isn't there one how to? Or may be 
> somewone can tell me the steps to migrate my system. We have about 500 
> accounts, about 20GB of mail.

If you have concerns you could break something critical, it is always a
common way to test before with a test installation. Do it here too and
follow the indicated steps. It is indeed very simple.

Just yesterday I added some instrcutions in the dovecot wiki:


There is too a link to more details about the migration.

> E.g. what would happen, if I do a simple rpm -ivh of the dovecot.rpm?

It will spit out conflicts.

> Can I use wu-imap and dovecot at the same time? (may be if I configure 
> different ports etc...) but this is nothing I realy take into 
> consideration ;-)

You could if you force the dovecot install and you change the IMAP/POP3
ports uw-imapd uses in the /etc/services file. uw-imapd is xinetd
controlled on Fedora, so uw-imapd and dovecot could run in parallel with
using different ports. But I do not recommend this way, because you will
get a lot of horrible problems if mailboxes are used through both

Do yourself a favour and migrate in one step.

> Götz Reinicke


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