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Res: Re: NIS master->slave push failing

Hi Paul,

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote :

> acosta ar microlink com br
> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > this is not strictly a Fedora question, so please apologize for the
> slightly-OT...
> > 
> > I am setting up a NIS slave server on a FC2 box (the master is running on an
> old RH box). Apparently, all went well (I've followed the instructions here [http://daq.triumf.ca/online/nis/nis_notes.html#NIS master
> server setup:] and it has been very helpful), but master server is failing to
> push its changes to the slave server. This appears on /var/log/messages on the
> master server whenever the push is attempted:
> > 
> > Oct  5 10:30:03 duchamp ypxfr[26894]: ypxfr: Can't get master address
> > 
> > /etc/yp.conf on the master has this:
> > 
> > domain tecgraf.puc-rio.br server localhost
> > 
> > and ypwhich correctly returns:
> Try using the real name of the NIS server instead of localhost.
> Also make sure that both NIS servers are listed in the "ypservers" map: what's
> the output of "ypcat ypservers"?

I had to stop the tests for now, because some other issues surfaced. I will resume them tomorrow morning, and I will post back here any progress.

Thks a lot for your help, and stay tuned ;)



Microlink Internet com Qualidade, http://www.microlink.com.br

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