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[OT] Re: Surveillance

Fedora wrote:

There are no list police here.  Even the owners Red Hat agree with this
and I go it direct on the phone from the head honcho of Fedora.

So "Madam" jerk, your delete key and shut up!!

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On Behalf Of Angela Kahealani

Ah yes - Angela "I am an independent soverign nation" K. [can't use her name - she claims k00kyright over that]

I remember her on the Tenon WebTen web server list, and her k00kyrights to her posts. She (it's suspected it's a she) complained about the WebTen server and it's constant crashes under load [yes it was dungware] and her website going down. If you see her website you will notice that if she's what she claims she is, why didn't she see the webserver about to crash and take action to prevent it?? :-)

Never would consider a killfile for a list discussing Fedora but Angela comes close to justifying one.

Mike Jezierski - IT Engineer
Systec Conveyors - Indianapolis, IN
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