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Re: Anti-Virus Software ?

Am Di, den 05.10.2004 schrieb Temlakos um 18:33:

> I'm sure that's comforting--for now. And we all hope that Linux is
> inherently more secure against viruses of all types. Maybe we're right.
> But as more people get fed up with "WinDoze" or "Window$" or however you
> want to spell it, what will happen when cyber-terrorists start attacking
> Linux directly with virus operations? That's what some of my clients are
> asking me right now. What do I tell them?
> Temlakos

You could try to explain them, that Linux has a very different "design"
and a working user rights management. Of course there are too enough
people using Linux (mainly unexperienced? certainly untrained) and
working much too much as root. Well, on the one side you can't
technically kill all the human weaknesses. Too much users "click" on
each object they can they can get a mouse over or doing other stupid
things. Being unprivileged users this is normally not a big problem when
using Linux. (Of course, having Java Script enabled in the browser can
raise up other problems, concerning privacy.) So in a business
environment workers hardly have root permissions on their desktops. It
is the job of the careful administrator to keep both eyes open when
installing software. In smaller environments, where even unexperienced
people have root permissions you loop back to the point I mentioned
above. Of course many problems with worms and other software terrorism
could be avoided on Windows[tm] if on NT based platforms not so many
people would works with administrator privileges. That is a fact and no
way around this. Take the new praised XP SP2: working as administrator
and stupidly getting a virus/worm, he can disable all the new features
which shall care for security. Working as normal user this couldn't take
place. A different point is that nobody than Microsoft can fix bugs i.e.
in the Internet Explorer or bad default settings with Outlook / Outlook
Express. Speaking in contrast about open source software and especially
about free software, there are quickly many developers who change the
code to fix issues.

Again: viruses are a result of bad OS structures since early DOS (how
much viruses do you know for BSDs, Solaris or other UNIXes?) and much
laziness and stupidity on the users side. 


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