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Re: Anti-Virus Software ?

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 12:33 -0400, Temlakos wrote:
> I'm sure that's comforting--for now. And we all hope that Linux is
> inherently more secure against viruses of all types. Maybe we're right.
> But as more people get fed up with "WinDoze" or "Window$" or however you
> want to spell it, what will happen when cyber-terrorists start attacking
> Linux directly with virus operations? That's what some of my clients are
> asking me right now. What do I tell them?

Well, you can tell them that if numbers counted for that, then the net
surely must have died when an Apache worm attacked some time ago [it

Numbers don't really count that way. Not alone, at least.
The security model and the way most GNU/Linux distributions work helps
raise the bar significantly.

Remember that for those black hat dudes they don't even need source
code. That's for girlies! They use decompilers and software alike.


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