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Re: Anti-virus [Was: fedora-list Digest, Vol 8, Issue 50]

> don't these just look for windows viruses (on a linux box)?

Some do only that (others are more encompassing). ClamAV and
BiotDefender I know are full Linux Virus protection. (As far as any AV
package is full protection. I agree system updates and good security
policy are steps one and two in the three prong approach.) The point is
that a bit of searching would turn up a good AV package... and as of my
reply (bad as it was), no one had actually bothered to name any. Since
it seemed to me the OP was looking for this info, and not a debate on
general security policy, which I thought he had probably already
addressed to his customers(?).

> And please consider using 'MINE' delivary for your digest. This way -
>your replies preserve 'subject/thread' info - and the OP actually
>looks at your reply. [and you can reply to replies - properly]

'MINE' delivery? sorry, this is the first list group I've ever signed
onto... I had meant to edit the Subject line to reflect the thread, but
forgot after typing my reply. I don't know any other way to capture the
quote and thread subject. If you have a link where I can find info on

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