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Re: wireless

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 13:55, Eric Tanguy wrote:

> Thanks lspci give nothing about usb devices.
> So i have 2 solutions and i don't how to choose :
> * Use prism54 driver which seems to be quiet difficult to install and
> run for a newbie like me.
> * Use ndiswrapper and windows driver which works (i'm connected by this
> device to write this mail) but have a lot of problem of lost connection
> mainly due, i think, because i run a 4K kernel and windows driver need
> 12K stack. So if i want ndiswrapper working better, i have to change
> kernel, sourcecode and reinstalled what i used compiled (i'm not sure
> but i think only nvidia driver, ndiswrapper and maybe kernel-ntfs rpm
> which is built for 4k kernel ??)
> Really i don't know what to choose ...
> Eric

Sounds like it is going to be a lot of work either way you go.  I would
suggest that you try the prism54 driver first.  It looks daunting at
first but I think they have upgraded it since I installed it so it may
be easier now that previously.  

This keeps you from having to run a custom kernel on your system which I
think is a good thing.  

If you find the prism54 driver less than acceptable then you can always
fall back to building a custom kernel and maintaining that setup.

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

"MacDonald has the gift on compressing the largest amount of words into
the smallest amount of thoughts."
		-- Winston Churchill 

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