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Re: Using windows-software under Fedora

Am Mi, den 06.10.2004 schrieb H.T. Petter um 0:39:

> This notebook is my "main-computer" which i also have to use for my
> education. Is there a possibility to use the following
> windows-software in fedora ( And i mean IN Fedora, not keeping windows
> in a dual-boot configuration)
> Solidworks 2003
> Maple 8
> Matlab
> Mathcad 2001
> Or maybe there are general solutions that would work for all software.
> And if so, would they also work with games ( like Grand Theft Auto 3,
> need for speed etc. )

> Harm-Tido

Have a look at CrossOver Office http://www.codeweavers.com/ and as a
different alternate at VMware http://www.vmware.com/.


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