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Re: GDM Crashes After Latest Xorg Updates for FC2

Globe Trotter wrote:

Thanks! By the way, I want to downgrade the xorg-x11 RPM's on every machine
that I have. Can anyone please tell me how I go about it. Basically, I notice
that xorg-x11 RPMS impact several things: is there an easy way to downgrade
everything from the -9 to the -5 version?

Best wishes!

The best way that I have been able to downgrade was to use the option below.

Download desired older rpms to a local directory. If no new additional X elements are desired, just download whatever rpms that you have installed now. you might run
rpm -qa |grep xorg
in order to get a list of currently installed packages on your system.

Next, change to the directory that you downloaded the older versioned rpms to. Now run the below rpm command, as root, to install the rpms.

rpm -Uvh xorg*.rpm --oldpackage

The reason I suggest Upgrade vs. Freshen as an option is that the option --oldpackage does not seem to work with the --oldpackage option.

Of course if X is busted, change the radeon driver to vesa for access via GUI tools. If you want to do this in the console, mc is a nice tool to download the needed rpms with some visuality. I believe wget works as well, with less visuality.

Someone mentioned needing to add a --nodeps option to the above command suggested. I don't recall needing this command. This is a just in case.


-- "If I have trouble installing Linux, something is wrong. Very wrong."

- Linus Torvalds

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