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Re: Mysql version question

Hi, I downloaded the files I needed ;-) and did a rpm -ivh

MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.18-0 - for dependencies (e.g. perl, php)

!! I can't remember if I first removed the old mysql 3 rpms rpm -e ... or did I do that after installing mysql 4 ... ? As usual: Make Backups and a test on a different (server) system.

I didn't had to run any scripts or patch something, it runs out of the box....and is up and running for a couple of month.


götz reinicke

Thomas E. Dukes wrote:

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Hi, I upgraded a couple of RH/Fedora mysql 3 installations to 4.0.x using the rpms from the mysql homepage and had no problems concerning the installation. all old databases where used also without a problem.


götz reinicke


Can you please outline how you did this?  I have seen where some have simply
done an rpm -Uvh --no deps and things were fine and also read that need to
run some scripts.


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