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Re: 16k linux kernel

On 10/06/2004 12:55 AM, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Eric Tanguy wrote:

In this case i need also to reinstall the nvidia drivers ? Eric

Every time you update your kernel, yes, you must rebuild/reinstall your nVidia display drivers for that kernel. I boot the kernel to level 3, rebuild/reinstall the drivers, then telinit to level 5. Not too painless (with the nvidia-installer script), but sometimes I forget....

You can actually use the -k option to build the Nvidia kernel module for your new kernel before you boot your new kernel.


sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6106-pkg1.run -A

-k, --kernel-name=[KERNELNAME]
  Build and install the NVIDIA kernel module for the non-running
  kernel specified by [KERNELNAME] ([KERNELNAME] should be the
  output of `uname -r` when the target kernel is actually
  running).  This option implies '--no-precompiled-interface'.
  If the options '--kernel-install-path' and
  '--kernel-source-path' are not given, then they will be
  inferred from [KERNELNAME]; eg:
  '/lib/modules/[KERNELNAME]/kernel/drivers/video/' and
  '/lib/modules/[KERNELNAME]/build/', respectively.

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