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Re: Problem with first fedora install

See Bugzilla bugs 115458, 125348, 129832, 129838.  I sure
wish we could find someone with the background to fix this.
I have several machines waiting on Fedora Core 2 because
of this.  Unfortunately, I am not yet enough of a kernel
hacker to understand how to debug the problem.  I believe
that it is an issue with the CDRom driver in the kernel
that is used with the install.  BTW, I keep trying the
test versions in the hope that this has been fixed.  Up
to Fedora3-Test2 the problem still prevents installation
on the problem machines.  (N.B. Many people reporting
the problem have given up on a software fix and simply
replaced the CDRom drive with a newer one.  That usually
fixes the problem, apparently.  If that is an option in
your case, that might be quicker than finding someone who
can fix this bug.)  N.B.2  My quick impression is that this
is a subtle timing bug caused by a slower CDRom drive and
lack of a crucial "lock" in the kernel to prevent a race
condition where an interrupt occurs at an unexpected point.
I suspect that the hangup in fixing the problem is finding
a developer who uses an older CDRom drive and so can duplicate
the problem.  My suggestion would be to pair someone with
a problem machine who could supply debugging information
with a developer who has the background to find a kernel
race condition.  Any takers?

Michael Deputy wrote:

I have installed Red Hat 9.0 and everything is fine. I put in disk 1 of fedora core 2 and it begins to boot up. I get to running /sbin/loader it sits for about a minute then the screen flashes and I get <0> kernel panic: fatal exception in interrupt handler not synching. I'm running a celeron 400 form eMachine with an add-in ATI all-in-wonder 128 PCI videocard. The onboard AGP card is disabled. I have looed around on the net and everything points to IRQ sharing. Does this seem right? any ideas on how to get past this problem?


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