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Re: firefox insists on evolution, not kmail

On October 6, 2004 7:08 am, Craig wrote:
> Sorry that I can't support your claims, but I can use whatever email I
> want. The catch? You've got to make the selection in Gnome's Preferred
> Applications app (menu>preferences>preferred applications). It works for
> me, even kmail which I just tried.


Yes, sure enough, apparently you *must* log out of KDE, log in with Gnome and 
set the "mailto: default in Gnome's "set what programs to use" application 
(in Preferences->More Preferences). Once I did that (set it to 'kmail %s') 
and logged back into KDE, Firefox now uses KMail, as I wanted, when I click 
mailto: links.

Now someone tell me, is this not a silly situation?

Clearly the idea to use a "user preference" for helper apps is a good one, but 
assuming that the user is using Gnome is not. Or, if the problem is that 
Gnome and KDE are storing this information differently, then they need to get 
together on this issue -- or at least mention it! (Googling did me no good on 

So, to summarize for others who are irritated by this:

If you use Firefox and KDE and you want to use KDE for mailto: links, you must 
log into Gnome, open Preferences->More Preferences and click the 
"Associations and Programs" (I think that's what it was called) icon. The 
last item in my list was 'mailto:' and it needs to be double-clicked and set 
to 'kmail %s' (if you want to use KMail).

Trevor Smith // trevor haligonian com

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