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Re: [fedora] Re: fread in Fedora Core 2

I compare the function fread with Fedora Core1 and Fedora Core2, i do this
because exist a lower performance of Mysql in fedora Core2 comparing with
Fedora Core 1 or with RedHat.

With RedHat 9 or Fedora Core1 i can do 13.000 Inserts per second, and the
same program running in Fedora Core 2 do only 8.000 Inserts per second in
the same hardware.

MÃrcio Gecherle Rotondano

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Subject: [fedora] Re: fread in Fedora Core 2

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> Marcio G. Rotondano wrote:
> > Why the "fread" is more slow in Fedora Core 2 ?
> Slower compared to what?  And have you used fread_unlocked or
> __fsetlocking(FSETLOCKING_BYCALLER) if your stream is not used by
> multiple threads?
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