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Re: how to learn linux!?

> fedora-list??
>  I am a beignner to learn Linux, who can finger out one way to help me !!
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!louis wang
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!louiskingwang 126 com
> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2004-10-06
If this is your first adventure away from a Microsoft OS, there will be a
learning curve.  If you have played with other OS's, such as MAC OS, you
already have a leg up.  You are used to some truisms that span systems.
There are files, there are programs which operate on files, there are ways
of figuring out which programs operate on which files. etc.  If you have
any UNIX experience, then you have a real running start, a lot of things
will be familiar.

The term "learn Linux" is somewhat nebulous.  In the end, you probably want
to know how to administer the system and modify it and use it.  Learning all
this at once will bury you and you will become frustrated.  Learning to use
the system for your day to day tasks is probably the best place to start.
If you have only used Microsoft systems, you might want to start with the
Gnome desktop as it has a lot of things in common with the Windows desktop.
There are neat advantages like multiple desktops that you can switch between,
but those can be explored after you get more and more comfortable.  On the Gnome
desktop under Fedora, there is an equivalent to the "Start" button which has a
Red Hat on it.  In there, you will see Office which expands to several applications.
Open Office.org Write looks a lot like MS Office Word.  Impress looks a lot like
PowerPoint, Draw looks a lot like Visio, Calc looks a lot like Excel, etc.  
These programs tend to use dot suffixes like Windows to identify which programs
go with which files.  If you get comfortable with the things that are similar, you
then have a base from which to venture out into other areas.

By the way, the install gives you the opportunity to create a user account in
addition to root.  You should take advantage of this as root is the Administrator
and can trash the system (just like on Windows).  Being root is like being the
security guard at an oil refinery and the weapon they give to defend the place is
a flamethrower.  Awesome weapon, but you have to be very careful. :-)

Have Fun

Robert E. Styma
Principal Engineer (DMTS)
Lucent Technologies, Phoenix
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FAX:   623-581-4390
Company:  http://www.lucent.com
Personal: http://www.swlink.net/~styma

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