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Re: rpm md5 failure (samba)

Am Mi, den 06.10.2004 schrieb Paul Rennix um 21:32:

> My apologies for joining the list and posting so quickly.

So you probably don't know that replying to a foreign list mail and just
exchanging subject line and body with own content does not erase
referencing mail headers which then leads to something called "thread
hijacking". Simply create a new mail when starting a new topic. Thanks.

> I am running yum on fedora core 2, and am getting this error, over and
> over....
> samba-3.0.7-2.FC2.i386.rp 100% |=========================|  13 MB    02:52
> error: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: MD5 digest: BAD
> Expected(3cca9da57c7a54bd65c1312f9cdc29d9) !=
> (721e64c113764139d2609f477d6c53f9)
> I tried to go get it without yum, and got an md5 failure there as well...
> yum tries several (maybe a dozen) different download sites with the same
> exact bad md5 at each....

> Paul

If it always happens again using yum I would have said that you should
erase the samba rpm file out of the yum cache /var/cache/yum/.

Are all your downloads corrupted?

The md5 checksums for the Samba update packages are listed on



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