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Audio (Vortex 2)

When I run the "Soundcard Detection" tool, I receive the following:

"The following audio device was detected.
Vendor: Aureal Semiconductor
Model: Vortex 2
Module: snd-au8830"

When I click the button named "Play test sound", I don't hear a thing.
A box appears asking if I heard the sample sound, and I click No, and
I get a message saying "Automatic detection of the sound card did not
work. Audio will not be available on the system/"

So I put a CD into the drive, the CD Player application starts, and I
can hear the music just fine (although I had to unmute it using
alsamixer immedietely after install). I can also open up Media Player
and go to /mnt/cdrom and open each track and play it just fine.

In Firefox, if I go to a sound-enabled web site (I always test on
www.seinfeld.com) I cannot hear a thing (even though I did right after

Any ideas why I can't get sound from anything other than a CD in the cd-rom?

I am running FC2 fully updated on a Dell XPS R450.


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