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Re: Using windows-software under Fedora

H.T. Petter wrote:
> Speaking of compatibility, Microsoft Word - files. I've read some
> things on the internet about this * wonderful * format. Is it true
> that only Microsoft Office can read .doc files, or can for example
> OpenOffice or StarOffice also use these files ( and by using i mean :
> Can I read my fellow-student's files, and can they read mine? )

Compatibility is pretty good. It does depend which version of Office
you're looking at, how much the document structure relies on the
particular quirks or unusual features of Office, and whether you've got
the same fonts installed. Mind you, you get that problem between
all-Microsoft systems.

If you want to send files to an Office user, be sure to save them in
Office format (.doc, .xls, etc).

Remember that you can get OpenOffice for Windows: this can help you work
with Linux-originated files on Windows, and get Windows users used to
Open Source programs...

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