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Re: Problem with my external CD-Rom

> Nevertheless, the command line
> /dev/cdrom              /mnt/cdrom              udf,iso9660 noauto,owner,ro 0 0

Boot on linux with cdrom attached and do an 

ls -l /dev/cdrom

and see where it points to. Note it down! Now do an lsmod and save the
output somewhere like:

/sbin/lsmod > /tmp/lsmod.attached.out

Then detach the cdrom and do again:

/sbin/lsmod > /tmp/lsmod.detached.out

compare the two and the only module(s) missing from the 'detached'
version are the ones managing your external cdrom. Note them down.

Now reboot with cdrom detached. Once the boot process finishes attach
the cdrom and do an:


to see if all the proper modules for it are loaded up (they should) if
they don't create a script file with the proper 'modprobe' commands
that will load the modules up after you attach the cdrom. Additionally
create the proper '/dev/cdrom' link by:

ln -s /dev/<device it should point to> /dev/cdrom

where <device it should point to> is the device you were getting when
you booted with cdrom attached!

I think that should do the trick!

Good luck!

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