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Re: Cuecat won't scan barcodes

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 22:37, Douglas Phillipson wrote:
> I have a Cuecat barcode scanner that connects "inline" with the 
> keyboard.  It works fine with Win2k but won't scan properly under Fedora 
> (or any other Linux for that matter).  It should look just like a 
> keyboard, I think.  Does anyone have one working?

I am not using the "inline" Cuecat (I think I remember reading it did
not work with Linux), but the USB version works perfectly.  I just
plugged it in to my FC2 system and it simply worked.

> Also, is there an open source replacement for readerware?  Readerware 
> scans book ISBN's and looks them up on amazon.com to get their titles so 
> you can catalog your library of books.

Actually, readerware works just fine under Linux since it is written
entirely in Java.  Actually that is what I use the above Cuecat for,
though admittedly I haven't started my book collection and only have all
the DVDs in so far.

> Thanks
> Doug P



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