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Re: Problem with internet connetion

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 02:31, zoni wrote:
> Hi, I wrote to FEDORA mailing list but could not get any reply so I
> have write directly to you.

I cannot see any posts from you on the fedora-list, which might explain
why you have not had any replies.

> I was running RH9 and I was using internet on it there was no problem
> I am using conaxant modem and linuxant drivers. It worked fine but
> yesterday I installed fedora and I downloaded its drivers after
> installing driver I connected to Internet through KPPP The connection
> was made successfully IP was assigned to my computer but when I opened
> the explorer it gave error that I was not connected and also the mail
> program gave error. I reinstalled the fedora  with no firewall still
> same problem. The kernal version is 2.6.5-1.358 and please tell that
> is there any problem in this kernal because I was reading some where
> that kernal contain odd number are test version. I have installed
> fedora three time in a day but the problem remained Please help
> meThanks

Don't keep reinstalling Fedora, it will not help. There is no problem
with the kernel either. You need to look at your network configuration
once you believe you are connected to the Internet:

1. Does your dialup IP appear correctly in the output of "/sbin/ifconfig

2. Is your /etc/resolv.conf being set up correctly with the IP addresses
of your ISP's nameservers?

3. Is a default route being assigned correctly (what does "netstat -rn"

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org>

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