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Re: mouse problems - was cofirmation

On Thursday 07 October 2004 9:49 am, Giuseppe Lo Brutto wrote:
> I've successfully installed Fedora 2 but it's not able to
> automatically config the mouse.
> My mouse is a general 3 buttoms connected to a serial door.
> I've olso tried by system-mouse-config with no success.
> what else shall I do??

Hi Giuseppe,

Firstly, please don't hijack a thread when posting a new problem.  Many 
people wil ignore the post because they have no interest in the thread 
it's attached to.

Secondly, to your problem.  The least technical way is to unplug the 
mouse and reboot.  Kudzu should see a lack of mouse and remove any 
references to it.  Then plug the mouse back in and reboot again.  
Hopefully, this time, Kudzu will see the mouse and configure it for you 
for both console and X

Gary Stainburn
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