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Re: mouse problems - was cofirmation

On Thursday 07 October 2004 9:49 am, Giuseppe Lo Brutto wrote:
> I've successfully installed Fedora 2 but it's not able to
> automatically config the mouse.
> My mouse is a general 3 buttoms connected to a serial door.
> I've olso tried by system-mouse-config with no success.
> what else shall I do??

I have recently reinstalled a lot of old computers including a few
without ps/2 mouse ports. Serial mice seem to have a few problems in FC2
which they didn't have in redhat 7 (hey, these machines had been
gathering dust for so long, they missed out on 8.0, 9 and fc1): the
serial mouse only works through gpm.
So, you will have to have the gpm service running to use the mouse.
Two problems with that:
1) gpm doesn't run during installation, so either choose an installation
in text mode, or navigate the graphical anaconda with the keyboard
(almost everything is doable without the mouse)
2) no mouse during the graphical boot (rhgb) until the moment gpm gets
started. Usually not a problem.

David Jansen

Note at 1) Is there a way from the keyboard to make a selection from a
pulldown menu in the graphical version of anaconda? The only thing I
could not do on these machines was create a swap partition in the manual
disk druid configuration (workaround in case you encounter the same
problem: switch to virtual console 2 and run fdisk from there before
running disk druid)

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