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Re: mouse problems - was cofirmation

David Jansen wrote:
> Note at 1) Is there a way from the keyboard to make a selection from a
> pulldown menu in the graphical version of anaconda? The only thing I
> could not do on these machines was create a swap partition in the manual
> disk druid configuration (workaround in case you encounter the same
> problem: switch to virtual console 2 and run fdisk from there before
> running disk druid)

Or, of course, use text mode. The graphics are pretty, but if you can't
handle text mode, you probably shouldn't be installing an operating

(That sounds elitist, but honestly, if someone able-bodied can't even
use a keyboard, then they probably don't understand the very basics of
what an OS is or why you should want to install one.)

There may be, I suppose, certain disabilities that make it possible for
someone to use a pointing device, but not a keyboard. I suspect anaconda
would need to be re-written to support on-screen keyboards for them).


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