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Re: question about samba

Since this is not really a Fedora question, but a
Samba one, and a very basic Samba one at that, it is
really a question that should be put to a General
Linux forum/list, or a Samba forum/list.  You might
try posting this to the Networking forum at

But before you do, I have a couple of
comments/questions about what you want to do that
might help you formulate your question better.

If this is truly just a "workgroup", then there is
nothing for your Fedora to "join" as a "client."  But
maybe you mean an "NT Domain" with Samba as a PDC when
you say "Mastered by a Samba."  In that case I think
you could get the basics done with some simple edits
to /etc/samba/smb.conf:

Change "WORKGROUP" to the name of your workgroup.

Change the security level to DOMAIN.

Point to your Password Server (PDC).

Then join the domain with

net join -S PDC -UAdministrator%password

For more details on what this is all about, go here:


As for connecting to a printer, have you tried printer
GUI and SMB option?  I cannot really help there
because all my printers are JetDirect.  But I'll bet
the answer is somewhere in the "Official HOWTO" I've
linked you to above.


--- "Shu Hung (Koala)" <koala dg21 com> wrote:

> I have a fedora notebook.
> If I want it to:
> -1- join a windows workgroup (mastered by a samba)
> as a client
> -2- use a printer shared by another windows machine
> (through network
> negibourhood)
> What should I do?
> Thanks a lot!!!
> Koala

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