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RE: Fedora, Apache & PHP

Hi Bryan,
Many thanks for that!  I'll have a look through it...
I just wish Linux was as easy to setup as Windows...that is about the only advantage Windows has, but it is a good advantage!
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On the development box I have put together these instructions from my compilation on FC2. They may need a little tweaking for the new versions of the packages however if you are comfortable with these packages listed this will work fine.

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Hi all,
I'm busy downloading the Fedora ISO's - my plan is to use a spare PC as a server for my web development, as well as a Media Server.
What I am planning to do is to use a drive caddy with one HDD with XP Pro, running IIS5.1 and MS SQL Server 2000, for local development & testing of ASP coded websites, and another HDD with Fedora, running Apache and mySQL Server, for local development & testing of PHP coded websites.
My plan for a Media Server is the following: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1626400,00.asp
Now...my questions...
Where is the best place to find out information on setting up a PC as a development server - somewhere that lists the programs needed and how to configure them. I am running a wireless network, although I might hardwire the server to the router for more stability.
Anyone have any useful sites or tips they could send me?  Bear in mind that I am a Linux newbie (although I did experiment with RedHat 8 a while back), but am experienced with computers as I also provide IT support for my clients (from fixing PC problems to building new PC's).

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