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Re: What Next

Don Cavaiani wrote:
I have downloaded the 4 large CD images to my PC hard drive (XP).  I also
have a copy of UltraISO which is able to display the actual files under the
CD Image files.  I know I need to create some kind of a Boot CD or Floppy,
but I have not found a clear explanation yet.  I expect that if I can boot
into Linux, then I will need to use "parted" to create a small FAT32
partition, and the Linux partition ........and then load the entire Linux
O/S ???

Oh, it's easier than that. :) Get yourself some CD recording software, that can write ISO images, for example BurnAtOnce (frontend to cdrdao)


Then burn the ISOs to CDs (Using File/Load New Image... and then Write).

Make sure your BIOS is configured to try to boot from CD first. Then put CD1 in your drive, reboot, and voilà! It boots from the CD, and gets you into the setup wizard. Now you can partition your drive with your mouse, or even trust Fedora to do it automatically.

However, if you have another OS on the machine, and you intend to keep it (get a dual-boot machine), then you would need to resize the used partition to make space for Linux IN ADVANCE. You can use PartitionMagic (nonfree), or something like it, to do that.

Hope that helps.


Andrey Andreev
University of Helsinki
Dept. of Computer Science

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