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Re: Creating GNOME/KDE entries in user's menu from scripts...

On Thursday 07 Oct 2004 19:31, Filippos Klironomos wrote:
> >
> > I can understand the format of the .menu files, but where to put
> > them seems cryptic.
> > 
> You mean you want the directory of the .desktop entries for different
> menu items? There are a few but the main one that I use for example is
> '/usr/share/applications/'. You can install items only as root though
> and their changes are system wise. I remember I tried some time ago to
> figure out how user defined changes can be implemented but it didn't
> work and I got tired of looking. I am the only user of my laptop!

Thanks, but it pretty much has to be for the user. I'll go over what I'm doing:

So far my script looks for mame roms and creates the .desktop files to 
launch them. However, having to get root permission to run the script
because more roms have been installed is a bit much, besides the user
might have roms in their user directory, which wouldn't be avaliable to the 
other users anyway.

It seems like there is no easy way to do this, which is a shame.

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