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Re: Moving Along with Fedora!

> I take it you would never recommend Longhorn to any enterprise client.

Absolutely, I would recommend it to an enterprise client...as long as they
were in direct competition with my company or jost someone I don't like...

> I assume you mean "/" where you typed "\". In Linux, "\" is an escape
> character only, never a folder delimiter.

Yah...time to get used to the new world...

Thank you for the great information on the Linux system, it now makes a lot of
sense to me, in a very weird way...

I will play with it some more...

I do have one further question on this line...

Is there a file that controls the partitioning?
Something where I can change the values/sizes of the partitions, or add
another drive to an active linux system, as you described?

Where I have
and want to add (was previously Windows, would like it now to be Linux)

>If you have more than 50 GB on your system, you might want to consider
>a partitioning plan like this:

>Or if I want to change any of the sizes of these...

>/boot        100 MB (or more, if you're going to be updating kernels
>[swap]        Twice the size of your RAM
>/        5 GB
>/usr        10 GB
>/tmp        1 GB
>/var        1 GB
>/home        All the rest.



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