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Re: Moving Along with Fedora!

On Thu 7 October 2004 20:51, David Mamanakis wrote:
> Is there a file that controls the partitioning?
not as such. The file however, that controls where different 
filesystems/partitions are mounted is /etc/fstab
> Something where I can change the values/sizes of the partitions, or add
> another drive to an active linux system, as you described?
you would have to partition the drive and create a filesystem on (ie 
'format' ) it, and then add a line to /etc/fstab telling the system what to 
do with it.
There are really no decent graphical tools for this shipped with fedora, so 
you'll have to get your hands dirty in a terminal.
> Where I have
> /dev/hda1
> and want to add (was previously Windows, would like it now to be Linux)
> /dev/hda2
does this currently contain a windows filesystem?
if so, then we can talk you through re'formatting' it.
okay, for specific advice, 
open a terminal (right click on the desktop for this)
if you are not logged in as root, change you identity...
# su - 
you will be asked for the root password.
then list the partitions on all your disks:
# fdisk -l
now see which ones are mounted where:
# df -h
let us know the output.



Stuart Sears RHCE, RHCX
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur

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