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How to change screen resolution using shell command.

Hi all,

I accidentally changed my display's resolution to a
number that is higher than the one my Sony 17" LCD
monitor can support. With that change, I cannot use my
Linux system in graphic mode now and cannot use
Preference GUI tool to change the display's resolution
back to the previous number.
I wonder if there is any shell command that allows me
to change this display's resolution or is there any
way to recover from this uncompatible setting?

MS Windows allows user to test this change before it
is actually applied by user to avoid this scenario. I
wonder if Linux will also do the same...

By the way, I'm using RedHat Fedora Core 1 package and
I can see a lot of improvements in GUI when moving
from 7.3 RedHat distribution.

If you know how to resolve this problem, please let me

Thank you very much.

--david le.

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