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Re: Re : Removing some screensavers?

Søren Neigaard wrote:
On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 01:14, Richard E Miles wrote:

Is it possible to remove some of the screensavers, so the random
screensaver only shows the ones i like? And how is this done?

Best regards

You can select the screensavers you want to run by running: xscreensaver-demo

Yes and also, the screensavers run much smoother in xscreensaver-demo :)

So two more questions...

Is it enough to just disable the other screensaver by unchecking the
checkbox in the "Configure Desktop" "Screen Saver" menu?

And how do I get the xscreensaver "server" to start when KDE starts?

Best regards

I use this to start xscreensaver in KDE:

in ($HOME).kde/Autostart do vi 'xscreensaver.desktop'

in it place -

[Desktop Entry]

then save and it will start,I use Autostart for apps that need to start
after the desktop activates.


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