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Re: X resolution (was no-subject)

Rafiq_Maniar Dell com wrote:

First of all, your driver will have to support changing to that
resolution. The utility you used will appear to let the resolution
change go through OK when in reality it doesnt, if the driver doesn't
 support it.

The quickest way to make sure the configuration gets changed is to
manually edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. If you're using anything
previous to Fedora Core 2, then the file will be called

Under the "Screen" section, there should be Modes listed. Simply
insert "1024x768" if its not there already and delete the other ones
you don't want. If X won't start after that, then you know your
driver doesn't support it ;). You'll probably need a newer or
proprietary driver if that occurs, unless its a Optiplex GX270 (you
didn't specify what model Dell machine you had).  If its is a GX270
then there's a BIOS bug which reports the wrong amount of video
memory to the OS and it won't get anything except 800x600 resolution.
If this is the case, update to BIOS version A04 and this will solve
the problem.

Thanks, Rafiq

That is the model computer that I had trouble with. I thought that this was stuck at 640x480 before the BIOS upgrade to A04.

Since you have the same model computer. I was wondering if the FC2 newer versions of X have reduced a random lockup with certain screensavers. I moved up to test distros on this computer and do not have the random crashing as with FC2 before the CVS xorg-x11 releases.
Since the radeon 7000 problem surfaced with the upgrades, I was wondering if some of the CVS changes were backported to the latest server upgrade.


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