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Re: Moving Along with Fedora!

On October 7, 2004 4:06 pm, Temlakos wrote:
> OK, here's my best shot:
> > C:\ = ??? in linux system
> The best equivalent of C:\ is simply /, the root directory. Even that is

Wow, that was some great info! I have been using Linux off and on for about 6 
yrs and nearly exclusively for over a year now and I think I might hold onto 
your email for future reference!

But just a few notes... :-)

> to mount, by and large--except that in Gnome, the usual desktop we use,

I assume you mean "we who use Gnome" since many of us use KDE. The original 
author may be interested to know that there are two very good desktop 
environments for Linux that are maturing very rapidly.

> CD-ROM disks mount automatically, because Gnome has a routine to do
> that. But: you cannot just eject a CD any time you please. You have to
> *unmount* the CD before you may eject it. (Last time I checked, FC2's
> version of Gnome automatically ejects a CD as soon as you unmount it.)

And just to note, although the OS itself is much pickier about 
mounting/unmounting CDs before viewing/ejecting than Windows is, with KDE it 
is a simple matter to open (including automatically mounting first) a CD and 
to eject it (including automatically unmounting it). It's pretty much as 
simple as it would be in Windows when using the KDE desktop. SO don't get too 
worried about the furry details of OS-level or command line mounting and 
unmounting of CDs. Likely with Gnome and KDE that is rapidly becoming a thing 
of the past for casual end users.

As for the rest of Temlakos post, enjoy it, it's a great read!

Trevor Smith // trevor haligonian com

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