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Re: OT: spammers are using my domain again


Its hard to say really. I'd like to think that in most cases there is no security issue. Most of the time spam & email is blocked by IP address and NOT by domain name (except in individual users' rules).

Also sounds like you have a "catch all" turned on...meaning ANYTHING going to @haligonan.com goes to a specific address. It would make sense to disable this. The only use (that I can think of, off the top of my head) of a "catch all" is when transferring domain names from one system to another, just to make sure you set up all of the users properly.

I don't know of any actions you can take to move them on. Get a new domain name and/or new email address is the best way to de-spam..and don't give it out ANYWHERE. Especially do not use your email address when registering a domain name...and if possible...don't use your real physical address. It is highly likely that someone picked up your doman name just by a random check of the domain registry, but your specific email address can only be picked up where a trail is left. Online forms you fill out are another cause of this as well.

To summarize:
1. Turn off the "catch all"
2. If your main email account is getting a lot of spam...try to change it if possible

Sounds like you already have some anti-spam software installed. If not, you mght look into SpamAssassin and especially look into "Bayesian filtering"


Trevor Smith wrote:

So I'm getting tons of bounces because the spammers have made their way back around to my personal domain and are sending out their crap with <something>@haligonian.com as the forged From: address.

I don't really care since I have bogofilter installed and it puts every damn one of them in my "unsure" folder and I never need to see them, but just to be thorough...

Does anyone know of anything I could do to get them to move on from spoofing my domain to spoofing the next victim's domain?

Is there any real harm to me that they are spoofing my domain, btw? I assume that network admins are smart enough now that they realize almost all spam addresses are spoofs and they don't go arbitrarily blacklisting poor suckers like me. :-(

Now, I'm assuming this is straight forging, and that no spammers are actually using any network resources related to me (since I pay $10/yr for a web/mail hosting account for haligonian.com and don't run my own servers).

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