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Re: OT: spammers are using my domain again


> Does anyone know of anything I could do to get them to move on from spoofing 
> my domain to spoofing the next victim's domain?

Backtrace the swines, report to their ISP and if in the UK or US, the

> Is there any real harm to me that they are spoofing my domain, btw? I assume 
> that network admins are smart enough now that they realize almost all spam 
> addresses are spoofs and they don't go arbitrarily blacklisting poor suckers 
> like me. :-(

Not all of them. Big ISPs will kick first, ask later. Personally, I'd
use a pgp signature, try to register that with your ISP (though that may
be difficult as lots of front/help desk bods wouldn't know what pgp
signature was if it came up and whacked them in the face with a frozen
plaice!) and make sure that people know that if it doesn't have your pgp
sig, then it's not from you.

> Now, I'm assuming this is straight forging, and that no spammers are actually 
> using any network resources related to me (since I pay $10/yr for a web/mail 
> hosting account for haligonian.com and don't run my own servers).

Depends on the spammers. Some will hijack your bandwidth.


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