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Re: X-Window Update

Is there an echo in here?

mfr100 libero it wrote:
I am quite new to Linux and I would like to update X-Window using RPMs that I downloaded from Fedora Core web site.
I have saved them in one local folder and when I try to run rpm command I have dependency errors.

What dependency errors are you getting? You may need to download some additional RPMs that your new X RPMs require.

Where can I find instructions for update X-Window?
Or is it possible to make so that Yum use a local directory instead of the Internet?

What is the best way to make it supposing that you do not have Internet connection in the Linux PC and you want to update X-Window from local directory?

You can use yum-arch command to create a repository from a local dir. Then use file:/// URL in /etc/yum.conf to point to that repository. Look at man for yum-arch and yum.conf to get the details.

(saving Pasha the trouble of replying again...)


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