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Re: printing to HPGL plotters from CUPS

On Thursday 07 October 2004 15:56, Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak wrote:
>Hi all,
>Is there a way to print to HPGL plotters (like the classic HP 7475)
> from CUPS? (I actually want to control an engraver that accepts
> HPGL, rather than a real HP plotter).
>I know that I can set up a raw queue if the applications generates
> HPGL directly - but what if it doesn't? Is there a CUPS PS-to-HPGL
> driver?
>- Mike

It looks as if graphviz might be able to do hpgl output, and cups can 
then translate it into ps so gs can print it.

But thats just the result of a 'locate hpgl' here.  I haven't 
personally used it since I was playing with a commercial pcb design 
tool on the amiga a decade ago, and that worked rather nicely in 
fact.  IIRC it could do up to 6 layer boards, and the printer output 
used a different color for each layer.  Also each layer could be 
split out, printed on mylar somehow, and used as an exposure mask to 
actually do the board.  I still have the program, but no amiga to run 
it on, darn it.

That also (hpgl to ps) wasn't your question, the only hpgl output that 
came out of the locate seems to be from graphviz.  I do not know what 
formats graphviz can take as inputs.

Cheers, Gene
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