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Re: File system fragmentation

Mark Haney wrote:

Yeah, it's a start.  I pretty much figured it was going to be the same
story as any other file system.  I push my systems hard.  And I have
lots of small files which doesn't really help.

Now, can anyone tell me if a defragmenter would help for ext3? Or not? It helps a ton with NTFS, but would the same thing happen to a linux fs?


I've heard of some file defragmenters; but, I wouldn't recommend them that I'm aware of. Linux has more of a problem with it being a dynamic OS to the point that files can change (logfiles, etc) all the time. If you try defragmenting that type of file-system, problems can arise quickly.

The easiest thing would be to log into single user mode (or into a mode with very little file systems mounted... the floppy boot would actually be good here) and mount then copy files from the old partition somewhere else, then clean the old file system and copy the files back.

Google came up with these of interest:

The second one is more about why there is no defragmenter for Linux.

Good Luck,
James Kosin
PS: My PGP signing tool is in for repairs.

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