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Re: Digitally signed emails

Am Fr, den 08.10.2004 schrieb James Marcinek um 16:24:

> I was compelled to especially after reading all of the useless banter that
> people were responding to (as per usual) but meant no offense just a simple
> quick answer. I figured that someone watching the thread might be able to give
> me a pointer...

How a discussion goes you can never predict. I would even say, to demand
a 5 words answer for a question would be kind of an overcharge :)

> I don't know what you're talking about 'top post' I replied to one of the other
> posts, nothing more, nothing less. Again not trying to offend anyone and get
> more useless crap on a list I would hope to be focused on technical things...

"top-posting" means to place the reply above the previous text. A short

A: Maybe because some people are too annoyed by top-posting.
Q: Why do I not get an answer to my question(s)?
A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

In our cultural horizons we are used to read from top to bottom. In
private postings it "might" make some sense to have an answer at top of
a previous posting and that one fully quoted. Though I am not sure if it
really makes sense then. But very certain on mailing lists and in usenet
postings it is nonsense, especially full quoting.

2 links:


A short comment on the second sentence of that part of your mail:
technical things mostly ever have to a social component. And I feel a
mailing list is a good place to discuss both elements.

> I'm using a web based application OpenGroupware (on ssl) with postfix and
> cyrus-imapd on the backend; however I could use either Outlook or Evolution to
> connect to. I wasn't sure if it was a server based method or on a client (such
> as you mentioned). However if a server based signing is possible I would prefer
> that.

Digitally signing makes only sense if it is bound to persons. It has
something to do with privacy and the proof who has sent a mail. PGP
(GPG) keys are meant as personal "certificates" and are bound to
specific email addresses. To store the private part of these keys on a
central server would evidently conflict with elementary privacy and
security aspects.


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